Postcards To Myself (10 tough lessons)

Here are some tough lessons, I’ve had to learn(and perhaps still learning) 1. How to forgive and let go. 2. How to identify the smile of friendship versus the smile of deceit. 3. No one is “obligated” to love you back no matter how much you love them. 4. Accepting the apology you never got…

This thing called gratitude

I’ve seen the face of pain, so I redefined happy

Journals and Things

Interesting isn’t it, how easily life changes. How even the best laid plans go awry


Let me apologize For loving him and loosing you For caring too much about him When he didn’t care about me For giving him the best of me And all he did was take everything I had to give Now he’s gone Moved on with his past The same past he lied about to me…


24/7 texting turns into good morning
And maybe good night messages
Fast excited replies turn into slow short responses
Video chats disappear like snapshot stories