OhMyGreys! I’m 38


Oh My Greys! I just turned 38!

And by greys, I mean wisdom highlights 🙂

For most of us, we tend to do some introspection at least twice a year – our birthday and at the end of a calendar year. Somehow, these days have come to be associated with some kind of new beginning/chapter. For me, it’s usually the latter…. so what’s so significant about me turning 38… I mean, afterall, it’s not forty!

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In 7 days I turn 38! Below is an excerpt from a convo I had with a sister friend. Like a few others, she’s curious about me and my #almost38 shenanigans.

Friend: All these years I’ve known you and I’ve known you for a looong time, I’ve never seen you count down let alone celebrate your birthday. You’ve acknowledged it yes but celebrate…hmm..not so much… Why now? It’s 38 it’s not like  40…why can’t you wait until you reach 40?

Me: It’s not so much the actual day, it’s just what this period of my life represent to me just when I am about to turn 38…and who says I will live to see 40?

Friend: Morbid much? But then again, you are right…weekend I am going to the funeral of a former schoolmate same age as me, so you are very right.


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Your body with mine


I like my body when it’s with your body
I like your body and what it does to mine
I like the feel of your body when it covers mine
I like the sensation down my spine
When your body is under mine
I like…
Your penetration
That first gentle glide
It’s like being on high tide
I like…
The touch of your skin on mine
Heated by your strokes
Sparking fire inside
I like…
Your body when it’s with mine…