If I Could Freeze Time

Freezing TimeIf I could freeze a moment in time,
I would pretend in that moment you’re mine.

If I could freeze a moment in time,
I’d stop the clock when your lips touch mine.
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I Choose Me.


I woke up relieved
I’ve emptied my heart of him
And I feel free

I’m living in this moment
I’m living for me

Right here, right now
I’m choosing to be happy
Today, I’m choosing me


Her First Time


The ability to make a check mark on your ‘bucket list’ is a good thing, right? Then, why is she not feeling so ‘good’ about it? What’s on said bucket list you ask? Let’s back up a few days. 

In a conversation with a friend she casually shared that she’s never had a ‘fling’ or a ‘one night stand’ or slept with a guy on the first date. “Maybe I should add it to my ‘bucket list’ ” she joked. To which, her friend said ” Yeah right! that’s so not you”. The conversation was soon forgotten – well, that is, until now, when the feeling in the pit of her stomach is quite unsettling and the conversation has come back to haunt her. They say, ‘be careful what you wish for, you just might get it’ – pity they didn’t say just what ‘getting it’ meant.  Continue reading “Her First Time”


Intimate Stranger


Something about the way his eyes look into mine, unlocking my secrets, fears and desires. Or could it be his deceptively disarming smile or his calculated calm…

Is it his wit and beautifully brilliant mind? Or the dry matter of fact  humour he uses all the time? What about how insightful he is, an ‘old soul’ he says they call him… Continue reading “Intimate Stranger”


The End


Promises broken
Plans abandoned
It’s the end

Dreams unfulfilled
Hopes dashed
It’s the end Continue reading “The End”