Your Friendship Is


If I could words so eloquently put
I’d write you a poem or even a book
Your friendship is…

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Taste Your Soul


I want to catch your breath in my mouth
I want to feel your tongue dance on my lips
I want to explore you…

Feel your finger lightly down my spine
Your hands anchoring my hips
I want to drink in your lust
Feel the thrust of your desire
When you feed my passion

I want to taste your soul…


If Only You Knew


If only you knew,
how my heart overflows with love for you

If only you knew how my soul yearns for you
How the rhythm of your heartbeat
Is the healing music to my fears

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One More Chance


I know you gave up on the thought of us
But please, will you reconsider
One more chance is all I ask

Time stood still
I am sure it did
Nothing has been the same since

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Lend me your heart


Please lend me your heart even if just for a moment, let my love show you all the ways in my heart. That my love for you is real.

Allow me to open my heart’s fragile doors and embrace you, surrender your heart
Give me one chance…
So your heart can beat my love..

Even for just one moment