About Me

I live out loud and in bold colours.
I laugh…a lot!
I believe in the goodness of humanity.
I am attracted to creative minds.
I love deeply and completely.
I love photography.
I cook.
I think poetry is sexy.
I write…

I write because it’s therapy
I write when spoken words fail me
I write because it gives me strength
I write to fix what’s inside me that needs to mend
I write to explore the things that scare me
I write so my thoughts have an outlet
I write because…I write to keep me sane.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Steve

    I’m glad you pointed me to these mi fren, it accentuates our chat and deepens the context… be cool and YOU, and never stop learning and loving and no matter who or what hurts you it mustn’t change YOU (and thats that you that you know you know! 🙂 ) Thank you for letting me read these, it means much. Be cool… xxx

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