I’m yearning for you…
I want you so badly, I can taste you
So often these days my mind will wander
And get lost in thoughts of you…
I know I’m not suppose to

Already my body has its response to your touch
Although its never felt you
It’s not suppose to

Like a breath of fresh air
On a warm summer day
I want you
In a way I am not suppose to

You excite me
Like cold water upon a tired soul
You refresh me

You awaken my soul
Like early morning’s dew
I want you
Even though I am not suppose to



Taste Your Soul


I want to catch your breath in my mouth
I want to feel your tongue dance on my lips
I want to explore you…

Feel your finger lightly down my spine
Your hands anchoring my hips
I want to drink in your lust
Feel the thrust of your desire
When you feed my passion

I want to taste your soul…