An Ode to My Wedding Dress (and a message for the girl who will wear it)


Dear Wedding Dress,

The time has come to part ways old friend but, before you go, let me remind you that you are as perfect now as the day I first laid eyes on you, as perfect as the first fit, as perfect as the day I wore you down the aisle.


Firstly, I hope you have a bestie like @christenecarr to share the moment you first try your dress – not in a busy store with a clerk eager to make a sale BUT in the comfort of your friend’s room, admidst all the things that make it home. So simple, but I promise you, it’s a moment so worth it. One you will always remember. And a friend like @iampty who will reach for her camera to capture it. 

I hope you feel as beautiful, radiant and as happy as I did when I wore it. I hope your groom smiles from ear to ear and he’s transfixed when he first sees you in it (like you are the only one in the room). Later, when he holds you in his arms for your first dance, I hope he will whisper how breathtakingly beautiful you are and “honey, you wearing the hell outta that dress”😊 And being the guy that he is, he will ask, “am I suppose to pull all those buttons to get you out of this dress tonight?” You will look him dead in the eye, smile demurely and say “of course you have to” but you and I know there is a hidden zipper and the buttons are just style – but you should let him try, just for the fun of it! 😉

I hope that this is the first and only wedding dress you will ever wear and he will be your dance partner for life. In this dress, I truly hope you will walk into your ‘happily ever after’.

If you choose to have children, I hope you have a girl who will want to wear it BUT if she doesn’t, I hope you pay it forward.

Nicholette Ann Wade (nee Fraser)

#11yearsago #stilloneofmyhappiestmemories #odetomyweddingdress #amessagetothegirlwhowillwearit #noregrets #choosehappy #payitforward



3 thoughts on “An Ode to My Wedding Dress (and a message for the girl who will wear it)

  1. That was really sweet. I owned two wedding dresses. Sold one and will list the other one soon. My wedding dress story isn’t quite like yours though. Great way to pass on your dress.

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