First heartbeat and tiny feet❤


By the time I met you, you had already taken your last breath. But because of you, I truly understand what the breath of life means and equally, to appreciate the moments that take my breath away.

Because of you I saw the face of pain and because of you, I redefined happy. And just maybe, had it not been for you, I would not have met my Ben (or maybe not so soon) 😊
Because of you, I learnt how to live

My heart would not allow me to keep your ashes (Grandma has it/you)
But every once in awhile I steal a glance at the imprint of your tiny feet (Thanks to Auntie Taryn)

#6yrslater #ifellinlovewithyoufirst #youaremylifelesson #untilwemeetagain #icarryyouinmyheartforever #iwearyourheartbeatonmychest


Aiden Joshua Wade- Stillborn 24.06.10


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