My Ben is 5


*insert excitement *
Ben you are 5yrs old!
No Mommy, I’m 4yrs old
Today, you are 5!
Mommy, I don’t want to be 5
It’s your birthday
Mommy, I know

(He’s clearly not about the excitement)

Happy 5th to my lifeline, my heart string, my blessing, my everything. My son, I cannot put into words the joy you bring to my heart. How my heart cannot contain the love I have for you. That you are one of my life lessons.

That for every breath you take, you are a beautiful reminder to me that life is a precious gift that is never to be taken for granted. As I watch you grow and develop, my heart grows in love and awe. It is I, who is suppose to teach you, guide you, protect you, nurture you BUT sometimes, you are the one teaching me. We grow together, learn together and yes protect each other. Afterall, when the crab got into the house, it was you who bravely got a stick and said “It’s okay Mommy, I will protect you” 😊

Sometimes I wish I could protect you from this cruel world but I can’t. I simply hope that the values and principles we are trying to instill will guide and guard you when the time comes.  #iloveyou #tothemoonandbeyond #myeverything #mypricelessgift ❤


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