In 7 days I turn 38! Below is an excerpt from a convo I had with a sister friend. Like a few others, she’s curious about me and my #almost38 shenanigans.

Friend: All these years I’ve known you and I’ve known you for a looong time, I’ve never seen you count down let alone celebrate your birthday. You’ve acknowledged it yes but celebrate…hmm..not so much… Why now? It’s 38 it’s not like  40…why can’t you wait until you reach 40?

Me: It’s not so much the actual day, it’s just what this period of my life represent to me just when I am about to turn 38…and who says I will live to see 40?

Friend: Morbid much? But then again, you are right…weekend I am going to the funeral of a former schoolmate same age as me, so you are very right.


BUT it’s more than just that. Life has it’s obvious defining moments. You know, things like graduation, falling in love the first time, getting married, having a child, getting a divorce, the death of a loved one…you get the picture. All these moments are “defining moments”. However, there are other more quieter less obvious defining moments. The ones we call “ah ha moments”. Moments when you realise how all those other defining moments have shaped you, changed you or altered your perspective on life.

Turning 38 is one of my “ah ha moments” – the realization of how my life experiences to date have changed/altered me/my perspective, how the last 5 years for example, was a whirlwind yet is perhaps the most significant life changing period of my existence. So, here I am in that moment when I decided to just breathe, slow down a little, to let go of the things I simply cannot change, accepting that ‘you can plan the perfect picnic but you can’t predict the weather’.

Life is a chaotically beautiful thing. In the midst of the chaos, you must find your peace. Learn and grow through your experiences. You are not perfect and that’s okay. Find your happy place and live it. I’m not saying it’s easy but it’s worth the effort. You walk this path but once…make it count. Live your best life and live it on your terms.


Friend: So naturally, your ah ha moment had to include some form of “photoshoot” (LOL)

Me: Naturally 🙂


#Realisation  #Acceptance #Renewal #Rebirth #onturning38 #moreanon


7 thoughts on “#almost38

  1. I hope you have a good birthday planned. Age is like all things. We can enjoy life and celebrate the new days. Or look for the bad things. I liked the photos. Your home looked like paradise.

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