The hole in his balloon

taped balloon

Let me help you
No you can’t
Oh don’t be silly, it can’t be that hard
You can’t help me. Only I can fix it
It’s leaking slowly and it’s gonna take some time

So, leave me alone and go on with your life
But I want to help you fix your balloon
Maybe we can mend it together and start anew
You can’t help me fix it
You will only make it worst
Leave me alone – this is my ‘curse’

Let me help you fix it
I don’t want you to!
But see I have a patch
Where did you get that?
It’s been on my heart
I’m giving it to you ‎
It will help mend you and your balloon
Keep it, don’t give it to me
I already did but you didn’t see
Now, I will go but you get to keep, a piece of the broken me



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