Finally She Cried

wpid-wp-1441593538897.jpgFinally she cried
Releasing some of the hurt, anger and frustration inside

Finally she cried
Tasting the bitter tears of regret
And the after taste of her pride

Finally she cried
Weeping for the love she gave him
Wishing she could recoil

Finally she cried
Letting the ducts of rejection
Overflow their banks of denial

Finally she cried
Tired from the memories
That won’t find their rest

Finally she cried
Hoping for freedom
From love’s grasp

Finally she cried
Emptying her body and mind

Finally she cried
For him
For her
For everything

And even though the tears have dried
Those that flowed
Didn’t erase the stain of her love for him
Though she tried

But finally…
She cried…



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