I wasn’t asking you to wife me
I thought you liked me
But you just wanna ‘date’ me
Stamp ‘best before’ on me …and
‘Shelf’ me?

It’s okay to sex me but not stimulate me?
Does it not matter that my beauty is my mind
That there is more to me than the honey comb between my thighs
You wanna ‘shelf’ me?

You like me now but you don’t want to like me deeper
So an expiration date is safer
Save you from emotional investment
Thus, you just ‘shelf’ me?

For now, we ebb and flow
Prevent our like to grow
The only pleasure we will know is the dance of our intimate parts?

Am I ‘best before’ the sex or after
Is there a ‘grace period’ with your offer?
Or when it’s over I should know
Will you tell me? Or do I just go?

Is it you who decide that my expiration has arrived?
Wait, let me get it right…we start ‘this’
But before ‘this’ continues
We give it a ‘shelf’ life?

I have an objection to your proposition
My unsexed disposition
I’d rather the simplicity of intellectual stimulation
That’s ‘best before’ copulation



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